A talk with Alina

Alina Anghel

Personal coach

Once you manage to understand your needs and how to fulfill them, you will be able to build your dream life.

With the right guidance, you'll achieve your goals and focus on your way to success. Add contribution on the way and you will reach fulfillment!

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Everyone is able to choose and control their destiny!

I am a trusted advisor who encourages people to perform at their best. Therefore I provide the finest resources to create a remarkable quality of life and to achieve personal goals.

My responsibility is to help my collaborator to focus, find it's personal truth and implement the matching strategies and actions.

It all starts with a connection. It's the first step of all change in a person. I like to use this metaphor that all humans are like gems, all you have to do is to understand them, see their potential and use the right tools to make them shine.

As a curious person,
I can't wait to see your light!

+33 7 58 29 79 06